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hello, I am not sure on who to write to, but we are still waiting to see the pictures from the UK tour. we were told not to take any pictures with our phones, but instead, we were to pay £60 for pictures. I think it is appalling that we still have not seen these pictures. Definitely not a good look for your brand. Can we please see these pictures, yes we appreciate the fact that you are busy but it has been a couple of months since the concert. thanks

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hi , we still waiting for the UK tour pictures , when are we going to see them

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Can you post some more pictures/updates on TGT's Website and FaceBook. We wasn't able to see any picutures that was posted on Twitter. I thought TGT should have Live chat/Q&A so they could interact more with the fans. How about we could win a contest hosting a private party (birthday, graduation, bridal shower, pamper me party w/Tank and anniversary celebration) private show, a phone call, birthday club and message from TGT, concert tickets/backstage pass, welcome back home concert/party for Tank when he's in Milwaukee, WI, a photo shoot and dinner date with Tank or TGT
Thank You

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Good Morning TGT Webcrew (To Whom It May Concern)

My 40th Birthday is on November 3rd and I would like to see Tank live in concert. I would love to meet him in person because he have a nice singing voice, pretty eyes, and I love his music, it's has real meaning. Tank is also Milwaukee Native, and I would like to show him some support. I never seen Tank live before and I don't know when Tank will come to Milwaukee, WI . I want my 40th Birthday to be the best birthday. What I learn Tank is fan-friendly.

Thank You

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